Capable, Personal and Professional Chef
"From planning to preparation to presentation, Joanie knows food and 
how to use it successfully. Her calm, capable, personal and professional
manner gave me the confidence and practical assistance needed to present a
function that was way beyond my capabilities. She was very flexible, reliable
and committed to delivering a high quality yet budget conscious result. I would recommend Chagrin's Personal Chef without reservation! A very satisfied customer."
S & J - Chagrin Falls OH

Delicious & Healthy for Family-on-the-Go
"Our family is constantly on the move and rarely find enough time to cook ourselves.  At the same time we also place high value on eating and living healthy.  By working with Joan, we have been able to keep our busy schedule and still enjoy delicious, healthy meals.  We have come to rely on the professionalism and convenience that Chagrin’s Personal Chef offers."
M & D and family - Chagrin Falls OH

Fresh & Nutritious Food
"I highly recommend Joan as a private Chef.  Her work in my home was impeccable.  The food was fresh, nutritious and well-presented. My husband and I especially loved her soups.  Her clean-up habits left the kitchen exactly the way she found it -maybe even better. I can promise you will be pleased with the service she provides."
ML - Aurora OH

Special Dietary Needs 
"The best day of the month is when Joanie comes to cook.  The food is outstanding!  It’s like having a high end restaurant meal in your own home.  CPC also takes into account special dietary needs of the entire household, so everyone is pleased.  Not only are the meals delicious and tailored to your family, they are prepared with the freshest ingredients.  What a winning combination!  On nights when I am working late, knowing that I have meals available that are prepared by CPC gives me peace of mind. With excellent documentation sent before the first visit that details what is needed and expected, CPC makes start up easy.  Steady communication each month regarding appointment date/time and menu make this process seamless.  Joanie has not missed an appointment, even in winter.  With excellent meals and an easy process, the icing on the cake (so to speak) is that I come home to a kitchen that is as clean as I left it! Overall, we are thrilled with the service and wonderful meals we receive from CPC."  
KW - Sheffield Lake OH

Pleasant Person 
"It was with great relief that I began to use the services of Joan Huff of Chagrin Personal Chef. My wife was no longer able to cook and I disliked cooking so Joan saved the day. Joan is extremely competent in her profession - a wonderful chef who dedicates herself to perfection including selected menus, quality foods, organization, and delicious meals.
A true professional and very pleasant person to have in the home."
DP  -  South Russell OH

First visit - Client Email
"Hi Joan! I'm speechless and eternally grateful to you...as are the kids!!!!  WE WERE COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by the wraps, the soup, the fruit, the veggie tray…
IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! You are truly amazing and I feel blessed that our paths crossed.  You have changed my life and our family's lives in a monumental way….
words cannot express my gratitude.We will look forward to Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DD and family - Chagrin Falls OH

Prepared Meals ~ Gift
"My husband and I were given the gift from a colleague to have Joan come to our home and prepare meals for us during a difficult time.  It was one of the best gifts we could have received.  The meals Joan prepared for us were delicious, healthy and beautifully presented! We gave Joan a few of our likes/dislikes and she ran with the rest.  Every meal was different than the week before so we had the opportunity to try things we may not make on our own.  Joan would come first thing in the morning and by the time we got home from work, she was gone, our refrigerator was stocked and the kitchen was spotless!!!  It was amazing, helpful and definitely relieved some stress on our end.  My husband and I still talk about the meals Joan made and wish we could cook like her! She’s extremely talented and a joy to have met.  If you are thinking about utilizing Joan as your personal chef or to cater a gathering, I highly recommend her, she fabulous!" 
R & D - Lakewood OH

Relief for Busy Mom
"Oh just having it here was so wonderful!.....
As the wife and mother but with a busy business I always feel so inadequate by not having good and timely meals thought out and made…..
Just the thought of knowing this was all taken care of was worth every cent!
Thank you so much. What a wonderful service…..I pray that the Lord will allow me to continue with this wonderful luxury!"
DL - Auburn OH

CPC’s Frozen Meals
"Joan has been working for our family for pre-prepared frozen meals that are not only low-fat, low-carb, high-protein and high fiber but are also awesome in flavor and very filling and satisfying. The meals are individually packaged and easy to reheat...we use the microwave. Joan has a menu of ideas that she can adjust to our tastes. She comes to our house after she’s done with the grocery shopping and away she goes…cooking all day the cleaning up all of the pots and pans and dishes.  We are then set for a few weeks until she comes back.  We couldn’t be happier and we are eating healthier!"
D & M - Hudson OH

Special Event - Wine Pairing
"We have been using Chagrins Personal Chef for over 6 years.  In that time frame we have had a variety of healthy, unique and delicious meals for our family of six people.  My children have their "staple" items that they request time after time.  It has been a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies and fruit!  The variety of dishes and meal options has been a wonderful learning experience for not only my kids, but my husband and I as well.  I never knew that I would like pan seared tuna, or tofu!  In addition to our regular family sessions, Joanie has also provided meals for us in a "party" atmosphere.  On one such occasion, she orchestrated a lovely 20 person wine tasting/pairing.  From the appetizers to the last piece of chocolate at dessert, each course was not only tasty but beautifully presented.  Joanie's attention to detail and professionalism sets her apart from others." 
J & B and family - Auburn OH